Friday, November 16, 2012

The Big Shift

Every time I participate in a large collection shift, I say that it's the last time I'll ever do it.  Of course, it is always the last time until the next time!  So...

We are nearing completion on a major shift of our adult collection.  As it stood, the adult non-fiction collection was arranged with the 000s-600s and the 900s on the first floor with the 700s and 800s on the second floor.  In order to free up some floor space and to more logically arrange the collection, we are nearly finished moving the 900s upstairs.  The result is that it will be easier to describe where the non-fiction collection is shelved AND we will have more floor space on the first floor for arranging our public services.

Once we get some lighting upgrades in place on the second floor, we'll be able to regroup and see what is possible with all the free space.  For the time being, we'll add some seating.  The ultimate goal is to move our current computer lab, combine some service points and add services in the technology area such as individual device training sessions and expert help combining patron tools and gadgets with electronic library tools and services.

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