Friday, November 23, 2012

Ebook Question

I have a simple question that, as often happens, has opened up a series of other questions.  My question is this:  "What ebook titles would our patrons like to have in the HPL ebook collection?"

This, of course led to: 
  • "How will we collect that information?"
  • "What method would be best to accumulate answers?"
  • "How do we get the word out that we are seeking this information?"
  • "What about residents who don't come in to the library?"

In fact, this set of questions could be asked about a number of our newest tools and many of our older ones.

We have some truly awesome yet under-utilized services at HPL, like:

My original question, I guess, fits under the over-arching question of, "How do we most effectively communicate with our current and our potential user base?"  Please share your thoughts!

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