Monday, November 19, 2012

NASA to the Rescue!

I am a space exploration nut.  I admit it.  I have long read about astronomy and love a good Hubble Space Telescope picture as much as the next guy.  I have also read a lot of science fiction and enjoy a good trip-to-an-alien-world story from time to time.

So of course, NASA is one of my favorite "things".  I have a little bit of a love/hate thing for NASA because I don't always agree with their priorities and I often think they do a terrible job of selling their biggest assets - wonder, imagination, and most of all, the future.

As you may or may not know, HPL has spent the past year promoting tongue-in-cheek style, a series of programs with the theme of the "end of the world".  Our "Are You Prepared?" series has featured useful self-help lunch and learn programs about disaster preparedness, growing your own food, and more.  We've been showing movies with apocalyptic themes every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month.  We even started a science fiction book discussion group and spent our first year reading examples of apocalyptic fiction!  In fact, we'll be discussing A Hitchihiker's Guide to the Galaxy, our "final" novel before the end of the year, on December 6th at 6:30pm - please read it and join us if this sounds interesting!.

But back to NASA.  Our good friends at the space agency have a beyond 2012 answer page to assuage everyone's fears about the supposed end of the world.  Give it a look, it answers a huge number of the purported "end of the world" myths that seem to be swirling around.

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