Tuesday, November 27, 2012

HPL QR codes

Otherwise known as "those boxes with the random-looking black-and-white pixel-y squares".  We thought it might be a good idea to let people know what sort of cool mobile tools we have here and that a good way to do it might be to make use of a method pretty much exclusive to smart phones - QR, or "Quick Response" codes.

These codes were originally developed for a specific industry, but as sometimes happens, its use spread far beyond the initial purpose.  Frequently used to direct shoppers to Internet URLs in order to put advertisements before them, retailers have used them for some time.  We thought it might be cool to use one to advertise our new library app, OWL.  OWL lets you browse our catalog and access your library account from your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.  The QR code above will take you to an informational page about OWL iLibrary and links to the Google Play store and the iTunes store.  The OWL app is free, so please download it and try it out!  You will need an HPL library card in order to log in (you only have to enter the number once).  If you do not have an HPL card, you can browse for your local library - they may have this nifty tool.
Android OWL screen

iPhone screen

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