Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Author Visit!

NYT best-selling author Jennifer Chiaverini was here at HPL last night (Nov. 6).  Everyone, including the author said something to the effect of ... "Are you sure?  It's election night."  We said we were sure and when I arrived at 6pm here is what the auditorium looked like:

About 50 people had taken seats
By 6:30 when Mrs. Chiaverini began her presentation, the auditorium looked like this:

The tiny blue dot in the upper left is Mrs. Chiaverini!

Mrs. Chiaverini had kind things to say about Hutchinson.  She and her husband stopped by our wonderful Kansas Cosmosphere.  Her husband Marty (who was traveling with her) is an aeronautical engineer and I think they were both fairly well impressed by our little town's big museum.  Mrs. Chiaverini gave an entertaining talk and very graciously took questions and signed autographs for about 45 minutes.

Autographs with a smile!

I think it was a great evening.  Annette Smith, Ruth Heidebrecht, Tina Stropes, Barb Scott and many other Friends and staff have my appreciation and thanks for a job well done!  Many thanks go to our Friends of the Library group for sponsoring the visit!
Bookworm Brew cookies pretty well picked over!  YUM!

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