Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Libraries vs. Publishers

The article I have linked below (Thanks, Robert!) was sent out on a library email list. It is, as is often the case, far more eloquent and clear than I could ever be in arguing what the future of public libraries and ebooks should be. Where I get angry and rant, the author of this Forbes article, Mr. Vinjamuri, is clear and reasoned.

I agree with him on almost every point, both about the failings of the "Big 6" publishers and the missed opportunities and failings of public libraries in their responses. Regarding public libraries, this is the major issue of our time. Nothing else will influence what I do for a living and what you use as a patron more than the outcome of the book's transition from a paper to an electronic medium.

If you are interested in the ebook brouhaha and the future of public libraries, please read this article: Why Libraries Matter: And How They Can Do More, by David Vinjamuri, contributor at Forbes magazine.

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