Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Help us build a better library!

We know what we THINK the public wants from the library - an inviting place with access to a great collection, nice spaces to read and study, rooms for meeting, help with technology, and access to the latest in technologies such as ebooks, WiFi, and specialized research tools. We even have a wish list so that you can help us toward those goals.

Lately though, I have been to a variety of library webinars, conferences, and meetings all leading me to wonder if that's ALL we should be doing. This wonderful old fellow reminded me that maybe there are other views:
"I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library." -Jorge Luis Borges
The wise author begs the question then when thinking about HPL, what is YOUR idea of paradise? What does your ideal library look like? What does it offer? Perhaps most importantly, what would make you return over and over?

Perhaps we can meet your wishes - we'll certainly strive for that! Perhaps we will have to plan for the things you desire. either way, please tell me on what you would like HPL to set its sights.


  1. More manga and graphic novels would make it more entertaining for anime fans! ^-^ b

    1. If you have specific titles, please share them! We welcome patron input into the collection. While we can't guarantee we will add every title suggested, most patron suggestions are added.

      You can post them here or email a list to, attention: collection development.

      Thank you!