Friday, March 8, 2013

SF Book Discussion

This past month's book was The Forever War by Joe Haldeman. Considered by many to be the best war-themed science fiction novel ever written, our group tackled it with what seems to be our trademark skepticism. To summarize the discussion, I don't think any of us did NOT like the book, I just don't think any of us were convinced that it is THE penultimate SF war novel.

The novel, written in 1974, is a criticism of war in general and is specifically a parable of the Vietnam War. It works as such and the reader gets a very definite impression of the futility of war. I really did like the book. It has a disconnected, dispassionate feel to it that really gave me the feeling that it didn't matter what happened to Private Mandella or any of the other characters. The higher-ups had decided to test out the Earth's war machine and the individual was simple a grunt or pawn to carry out the experiment and see if we were tougher than "them". If you want a lesson in the effects of war on individuals as well as a lesson on relativity, I would recommend you read this book! If you click the jacket art, it will take you to the library's catalog and you can check out The Forever War.

We will read the classic Alfred Bester novel, The Stars My Destination for next month's discussion. The discussion will take place Thursday, April 4th at 7pm in the library's conference room #2 on the second floor.

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