Monday, December 31, 2012

The Edge Initiative

The Hutchinson Public Library will have a great 2013, I think.  As we look toward the future, planning for a new first-floor Technology Center and bring our tech skills to the fore-front, a new tool such as the Edge Initiative seems perfectly timed to help us.

Set to be released in its final form early in 2013, HPL will use this to help us focus on what skills, connections, and programs we should be focusing on to best serve our patrons.

We can start right now though, and you can help us.  What do you want from the Hutchinson Public Library?  What can we do to help you succeed in the endeavors you have planned for 2013 or those you have already underway?  Ideas I have heard when asking this question elsewhere:
  • A makerspace
  • Teaching / learning sessions for my particular tablet/smartphone/computer
  • More emphasis on ebooks
  • More options to get a book (send it to an address / print on demand / sell it to me)
The broad question is:  What new areas should HPL be exploring that would help you in your life?  Please share your thoughts in comments or by calling/emailing the library, commenting on our Facebook page.

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