Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Success! Many Younglings are on the Jedi Path

We had a great turn-out for the first ever Star Wars Reads Day this past Saturday, October 6th.  Somewhere between 55 and 60 younglings from the local systems converged on a Jedi training center here at the Hutchinson Public Library.  They practiced channeling the force using concentration and a steady hand.  After constructing their light sabers, they honed their skills as fledgling Jedi!

There were pictures with Jabba the Hut (only 1,000 Galactic credits per shot) and with a land speeder.  The day wouldn't have been complete without a selection of Star Wars books and videos to check out and wonderful refreshments including "Yoda Juice".  sounded dicey to me, but the younglings loved it!

Special thanks to the wonderful and talented Children's Department staff and to all the volunteers who helped make the program a success.

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